Bundaberg Festival of Dance dates: Easter School Holidays.

Bundaberg Restricted Dance Competition dates: September.


Go to www.comps-online.com.au to enter.

All entries into the Bundaberg Festival of Dance and the Bundaberg Restricted Dance Competition must be done through Comps-Online’s registration system which allows you to register for all sections in one transaction. If you need to leave at any time during the registration process, log out and your information will be automatically saved, so you can complete later on and make payment once you’re sure your entries are correct.

If you already have an account with Comps-Online, just login.

To register on-line:
• Go directly to www.comps-online.com.au and find the appropriate competition.
• Click the 
LOGIN button next to the competition name.
• Select 
Click Here to Create a New Account. Once you have filled in your details, you will be emailed a confirmation document that activates your account. Then you can simply log back in and follow the 5 steps to complete all of your entries. 

Please Note: All performers must purchase a Compulsory Competitor Pass (THIS PASS DOES NOT INCLUDE GROUPS DAY SESSIONS at the Bundaberg Festival of Dance), which can be purchased through Comps Online. They will be available for collection at the venue but CANNOT BE PURCHASED AT THE VENUE. To gain entry into the theatre for Groups Day at the Bundaberg Festival of Dance, individual session for Group Season tickets will need to be purchased.

Competitors Passes can only be purchased for dancers who are competing.

BCBA retain the right to cancel/join/divide sections at their discretion.

Section Sponsorships ($10 each) can also be made when entering.

Proceed to the Payments Page – review your entry summary and click to accept the terms and conditions of the competition (compulsory), then choose one of the following payment options:

Bank Transfer Payment (for Direct Debit or Cash Payment) – Bank transfer requires you to login to your bank account and directly transfer the money to the organiser’s account listed on your invoice. Use the Comps-Online invoice number as the reference. You can also make a Cash Payment by depositing your money into any Commonwealth Bank branch quoting the Organiser’s BSB and Bank Account details shown on your invoice. Use the Comps-Online invoice number as the reference. 

Cheque Payment (incl Money Orders) – must be posted before the closing date to BCBA, PO Box 728, Bundaberg QLD 4670. Write the Comps-Online invoice number and competitor’s full name on the back of the cheque/money order.
PayPal/Credit Card Payment – click Submit and an invoice will be emailed to you confirming that your registration has been received. 

If you do not receive an invoice within 1 hour in your Inbox or Junk Mail folder, contact Comps-Online Technical Support on (03) 9841 5940. Receipt of this invoice is verification of your entry. All of your information is securely stored on the Comps-Online website for future competitions.

* Entries are only be accepted once full payment has been received.